AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio 2.2
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AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio 2.2

It is a tool designed for live performance, audio processing, etc.
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Do you want to make a complete song from your composed sounds or just feel yourself being a composer? AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio is the real thing for you. You can process the sounds that you just have recorded in real time mode or record and process the sounds synchronously. The program also supports multiple channels. Therewith you can create your own sounds by means of Bassline and Drums which are used in the most popular programs of music creation. Load your sounds as WAV files into LoopPlayer and you will have your own samples as building blocks of your song. While creating music you can use different complex generators, such as Arpeggiator (for creating chords when the notes alternate very quickly), BubbleBlower (a sample granulator), 10 Harmonics (making complex sounds) etc. There are a great variety of effects and filters. If the generators take part directly in the sound making, the effects and filters are aimed at the track creation. You can find here some plain effects and filters like CanonLooper (for creation of musical "round" or “canon”), Flanger (changing of tone quality) and more advanced ones such as Shaper (sound distortion), 5Combs (definition of audio signal resonance) etc. The next step of music creation process includes the mixers and buses using. One has to note that the studio is open for external VST Plugins. This gives you infinite possibilities of music creation.

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  • Advanced functions in every step of sound creation and processing
  • A great number of effects and filters
  • User-friendly interface


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